Software Portfolio by Abbas Razzaq

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Blog Website ASP.Net MVC, WCF Service, MSSQL Demo


  • Written in C#, using .Net 4.5.
  • Users can manage blog entries, viewing and editing entries.
  • 3-tier application: ASP.Net MVC Website, with a WCF backend that uses a SQL Server database.
  • Using latest .NET technologies including Entity Framework, LINQ, and ASP.Net Razor.
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Employees Utility Windows Forms Demo


  • Written in C#, using Windows Forms, .Net 4, and SQL Compact 3.5.
  • Allows user to view, update, and query employee data.
  • Can import employees from an XML file.
  • Requires login credentials before application access is given.
  • Can filter data by salary using conditional operators, and by surname.
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Survey Website ASP.Net Web Forms, Web Service, MSSQL Demo


  • Written in C#, using .Net 2.0.
  • Users can take a survey, add or edit website users, and view survey statistics.
  • 3-tier application: ASP.Net Website, powered by an ASP.Net Webservice that uses a SQL Server database.
  • Forms Authentication used to require login, and for restricting non-Admin users.
  • Uses Stored Procedures to query and update the database.
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Freeware Videogame


  • Written in C#.
  • Uses XNA Framework for rendering, input and playing audio.
  • Solo project, completed for university project in four months.
  • Built-in level editor that uses XML to serialize game entities.
Game Page

UI Editor Win32 Demo


  • Written in C.
  • Edit mode allows you to add/remove buttons, checkboxes, lists and resize, resposition, and anchor them.
  • Editor can create functional UI by inserting callback functions in the code.
  • Pure Win32 (no MFC, ATL, resources).
  • Uses "Unity" build: all source files compiled as a single translation unit.
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Instant Messenger MFC Demo


  • Written in C++11.
  • User can choose to host a chat, and other users connect to host to join chat.
  • Uses MFC, Window Stream Sockets (TCP), and STL.
  • No hard limit on number of users in a chat and everyone is notified of who joined and left the chat.
  • Written from scratch (not using MFC wizard).
  • Unicode supported for messaging.
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Commercial Videogame (PC & iOS)


  • Written in C++03.
  • 2 year solo project: doing all the code, game design, art, audio, testing and marketing.
  • Uses OpenGL (rendering), SDL2 (OS windowing and input), FreeType2 (glyph rendering).
  • Developed for PC first, then ported to iPad and iPhone.
Official Website

Diary Console Demo (PC & Linux)


  • Written in C++11, using the SQLite database engine.
  • Allows user to add and search for diary entries.
  • Has its own interface for database management, which supports the storing and querying of different types of data.
  • All console input is validated, and converted to correct data types (Date, Int) and expressions (app commands, predicates).
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Directory Watcher Windows Service Demo


  • Written in C++03.
  • Using Win32's ReadDirectoryChangesW and overlapped I/O to watch a list of directories.
  • Can specify an unlimited list of watches in an xml file, with inclusion or exclusion of file extensions.
  • All changes to watched directories, errors, and events are logged.
  • Includes a console application that allows you to easily run & debug the windows service logic.
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